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Joe Lidbury
Owner/Lead Trainer

Joe has been a police officer in the state of Wisconsin for 20 years.  He is currently a detective with the Investigative Services Unit.   Joe was previously assigned to his agency's Special Investigations Unit where the focus was tactical narcotics operations and fugitive apprehension.  With fifteen years assigned to his agencies call-out based tactical team, Joe obtained certifications in multiple disciplines.

Throughout Joe’s career, he has been involved in critical incidents.  This experience, combined with extensive training, provides him with expertise LTAC would like to share with firearms enthusiasts and the law enforcement community.  Joe’s certifications include:

PRW Sniper Instructor

Snipercraft Sniper Instructor

The Site Designated Marksman

Impact Training Sniper

WI State Recognized Handgun Instructor

WI State Recognized Carbine Instructor

WI State Recognized CCW Instructor

Defense and Arrest Tactics Instructor

SPEAR Instructor

SPEAR Ground Defense Instructor

SPEAR Applications for the Gunfight

NTOA Ground Defense Instructor


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